Getting into looping - Zoë Keating


Sara Hänzi


December 31, 2023

Playing in orchestras and ensembles has always been fun - but coming back to music a bit more after a more sporty phase, I wasn’t quite attracted by classical ensembles. Then, with the help of some friends, I discovered looping, where you play and record yourself, so you can build up a whole ensemble on your own. I was fascinated, and this piece by Zoë Keating finally convinced me that I needed to get a looper:

If you are impatient, fast-forward to 2:10, I think it gets really fun from 2:20 or so. The cello is also very cool for looping because it is low enough to have a base, but flexible enough to play higher melodies and all sorts of different sounds. Another exmple where we can see Zoë play:

While Zoë uses a laptop and a midi controller, and programs her sequences herself, I decided I didn’t want to stare at a screen yet again, so I bought myself a pedal looper, and thereby started my looping adventure.

Artists mentioned

Zoë Keating: website, her albums on bandcamp